Member Expectations 

Berea Creekside Co-op is cooperatively run and supported by the parents of the children we serve and supplemented by bringing in outside instructors for workshops. Parents participate by facilitating project time and occasionally workshops, signing up for jobs, and helping maintain our space both inside and out. Each family pays an annual fee to facilitate bringing in teachers for workshops, rental space and supplies.

We are member-governed with a parent run Council that works to ensure  the co-op runs smoothly.    Member parents are expected to participate by helping in various roles. Parents may be asked to facilitate activities, teach, organize, clean, plan, support, discuss, collaborate and care for our space, our daily tasks and each other.  Children are expected to take pride in the care of the building and space. This includes picking up and cleaning at the end of each Co-op day, with guidance from the parents.


Each child in attendance must have an adult there taking responsibility for his/her safety and behavior. Individual families may make arrangements between themselves to take responsibility for each other’s kids on certain days to provide some flexibility for parents. This is accepted as long as each family continues to contribute fairly to the co-op and meets their Member Expectations.

While attendance is not compulsory, but we do encourage regular attendance. Being prompt in your arrival and having children ready to participate in workshops will help the day run smoothly. 

peaceful parenting

Berea Creekside Co-op promotes a culture of mutual respect, empathy and respectful listening, sensitivity to each person’s feelings and diplomatic problem solving to help foster communication within the co-op promoting love, respect and compassion.  Berea Creekside Co-op promotes meeting children’s needs for emotional safety, security, developing emotional intelligence and unconditional love.  

Non ViolenCE

Berea Creekside Co-op is a safe place for everyone, physically and emotionally (see our PEACEFUL PARENTING Guideline). We want to provide a fun, healthy, and appropriate playful environment for children that, at the same time, respects the diverse view points of members. In order to do this, we do not allow violence based play. This includes play with toy guns.

In accordance to our non violence guidelines, NO firearms or weapons will be permissible at Berea Creekside Co-op.


If you or any of your children are sick or recovering from an illness, please refrain from participating that day of co-op. We know it can be difficult to tell if your child is truly ill, so here are some general times when it's best to stay home: 
- yellow or green nasal secretions
- diarrhea
- vomited within 48 hours
- fever
- sore throat
- cough and fever
- spot-like rash following low-grade fever and tiredness
- on antibiotics for less then 48 hours


Several of our members have food allergies and intolerances. To ensure the safety of all members, we ask that members follow the following guidelines:

– Check with an adult before sharing food
– Eat only at designated areas
– Do not leave open containers of food unattended
– Clean all surfaces, including chairs, after eating

Screen Time

Berea Creekside is a social co-op, that enthusiastically embraces learning. Co-op is a time to come together as a community and engage with other children and parents.  We ask that children's electronic screens be left at home or in the car, unless being used for an academic purpose.  In an effort to set an example, parents should expect to limit their own screen time and engage with the parents and children. 


Berea Creekside Co-op member assumes all risks of any such personal injuries, property damages, or other losses caused by their child. The Berea Creekside Co-op parent member also assume responsibility for any damage that their child may cause , intentionally or unintentionally, to our facility. Berea Creekside Co-op members have read and understand the Member guidelines as outlined above. By attending Berea Creekside Co-op, parents acknowledge and agree to this responsibility.