Berea Creekside Cooperative is a community of eclectic homeschool families pursuing learning together through workshops, projects, and free play. We offer a cooperative group for families with children ages preschool through high school.

    • Creekside Learning Cooperative is an inclusive secular homeschooling cooperative, not specifically connected with any one church or religion. Our members come from all walks of life and belief systems and are united by a desire to educate our children in a stimulating, respectful environment.

    • Non-violent play and conflict resolution. Co-op is a safe place for everyone, physically and emotionally. We promote peaceful conflict resolution. We do not promote violence based play. This includes play with toy weapons.

    • Value of unstructured play. We value the importance of unstructured play. Imaginations blossom and relationships deepen during our weekly open play time.

    • Experiences in the natural world. Our ideal setting includes a playground, fields, a creek, and accessible trails. We highly value our time in nature and can often be found outside for projects and free time.

    • Cooperative work and consensus decision making. Everyone has a job, from cleaning up at the end of the day to facilitating classes to organizing parties. Decisions are made with everyone’s input and consideration.

    • Active engagement in one’s own learning process. During project time, groups direct their study as age appropriate, with parent leaders acting as facilitators.

    • Being fully present at co-op. We encourage minimal use of technology (yes, parent's too!) so everyone can fully engage in the learning community.

    • Learning cooperative, communication, and conflict resolution skills. Issues among parents and kids are dealt with in a productive, cooperative manner.

    • Relationships with a diverse group of ages. In a non-hierarchical way, people of all ages in our community play and engage together.